Mertens is a leading supplier for agro, garden and green spaces. With a complete range of products, expert advice and rapid delivery, we are standing at the base of customer growth. The slogan says it all: ‘Growing Power for your business'.

Mertens was founded in 1953 and is a major commercial player in the agricultural sector for products such as pesticides (chemical and organic), fertilisers, substrates, seeds, technology, foils, etc. Over the succeeding years, the activities continued to grow and expand into the garden and public green spaces sector (incorporated in 1982 under the name Groenselekt). In addition, in 2009 all activities concerning work clothing, personal protective equipment and hygiene products were incorporated under the name Mertens Safety.

To profile the cooperation and joint strength within the Mertens group to the outside world, from 2013 all activities were incorporated under one trusted name and one house style: Mertens.
In addition to its headquarter and central warehouse in Horst, Mertens has branches in IJsselmuiden, Naaldwijk and Someren.

The history of Mertens in a nutshell...

  • 1953: A family-owned business in the field of pesticides in Baarlo
  • 1967: Acquisition of Fa. Driessen Horst
  • 1982: Establishment of Groenselekt B.V., wholesaler for the garden and green spaces sector
  • 1988: Acquisition of Mertens Bedrijven by Schering Agro
  • 1994: Mertens becomes co-shareholder of Merulin in Geldern (D)
  • 1995: New building and centralisation of Mertens in Horst
  • 1996: Marubeni becomes shareholder of Mertens
  • 1999: Acquisition of Bosman in IJsselmuiden
  • 2009: Acquisition of Hans van der Elst in Poeldijk
  • 2013: All activities under one name: Mertens
  • 2016: Acquisition of Isidorus in Someren