Working for Mertens

Mertens is a leading supplier for the agro, garden and green spaces sector. Our company has over 100 employees, divided over the various locations in the Netherlands. With our three cornerstones (complete product range, expert advice and rapid delivery) we offer our customers ‘Vigorous growth for entrepreneurs’.

A central element in realising our objectives and ambitions is the most important ‘capital’ of our company: our employees. We employ motivated people who are committed to the company and their contacts. They are quality conscious and take their responsibilities seriously. This enables the company to grow in a responsible way. Sustainability and a ‘green’ minded attitude form an important basis for both our company and our employees.
We are part of Marubeni, a large international concern, representing quality and continuity.

“Mertens is known as a good employer, which is a reputation that we wish to maintain. ”

Anita Janssen, HR manager

Mertens is known as a good employer, which is a reputation that we wish to maintain. We believe it is important that everyone is given the opportunity to work on self-development within their respective roles. Our organisation is based on team structure. Mutual cooperation with colleagues is therefore extremely important and we expect our people to feel responsible for the success of the company. On the one hand, this implies hard work, but on the other, it means a great deal of pleasure working with colleagues.

Several characteristics of our corporate culture:

  • Our organisational structure is effective and has just a two-tier management, which means shorter communication lines.
  • The two directors are in close contact with all our teams and thus well informed of what’s happening in the field.
  • The contact with colleagues is informal.
  • Many of our employees have a long employment record and staff turnover is low, which suits our customer-oriented sales.
  • Our employees are motivated and highly involved with their activities, their colleagues and the general welfare of the company. Some indicators of this are the low absenteeism and the high participation to general staff events.
  • Our market approach is national, however, we combine this with local and regional charm. We are also active internationally and there are numerous ambitions for expansion.
  • The Mertens Academy, with workshops and training courses in various fields, ensures that employees are given the opportunity to develop, both in terms of knowledge and personal skills.
  • The management board readily delegates responsibility to the employee from a position of trust.

Unsolicited job applications

If you are looking for a new challenge but cannot find a vacancy on our website (or a vacancy to suit your abilities), we will nevertheless be pleased to receive your unsolicited application. There is always the possibility of a suitable position becoming available in the short term. As soon as we have a suitable vacancy, we will contact you.

Contact details

Send your application (accompanied by your CV and letter of motivation) to:

F.a.o. Ms A. Janssen-Vermeer
PO Box 6128
5960 AC Horst

or by e-mail to: [email protected]