You can also obtain other necessary items for mushroom production, such as lamps, tools, bags (for refuse), blue cord, measuring containers, disinfection mats etc.


Champilamp lamp is specially contructed for the purposes of mushroom cultivation: the steam-proof flourescent lamp fittings do not allow moisture to permeate in even the most unfavourable conditions. The parts of the Champilamp are available separately. We also have a range of flourescent lamps, bulb lamps, torches, etc.


Tools for mushroom cultivation, such as shovels, floor squeezes, and other accessories are presented in the table.

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Hygiene plays an extremely important role in mushroom cultivation. Selecting products supplied by the company Vikan, you can be sure of the very highest quality.

All Vikan products meet the stringent requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration. Our range includes such Vikan products as sweeping brushes, dustpan and brush sets, every type of soft and hard brush, rakes etc. We also offer wide-blade perforated shovels, through which any excess water can drain off. Due to the risk of cross-infection, Vikan shovels are available in different colours. The standard blue colour is always in stock.

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Mertens offers bags for various purposes, such as polipropylene fibre bags, various types of rubbish bag, small plastic bags and plastic nets.

Blue cord and measuring containers

A range of vessels and measuring cylinders are available for measuring out cleaning materials and pesticides. We also supply blue cord for preparing your palette for transport.

Disinfection mats

The use of disinfectants is extremely important as a way of preventing disease from being transmitted in mushroom-growing cellars.

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