Many technical products are used in the cultivation of mushrooms. Our product range includes numerous items necessary for mushroom cultivation, such as measuring equipment, scales, equipment for watering and sprinkling, high-pressure washers, mushroom picking trolleys, lifting carts, irrigation systems etc.

Our Technical Department specialises in equipment and small machines. We will willing demonstrate how the equipment you require works. We also provide repair and maintenance services.

Measuring equipment

Mertens supplies a wide range of thermometers, e.g. mechanical, digital, substrate-measuring thermometers, infra-red thermometers, calibrated glass thermometers etc.

We also supply hygrometers, pH meters and conductometers, as well as other measuring accessories, such as solutions for calibration, test tubes, hydrogen sulphide, CO2 calibrating gas etc. Our range includes Dräger Accuro pumps (complete with tubes) for detecting and measuring ammonia and other gases, and steam.

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Weighing apparatus

For clients' mushroom-weighing needs, we supply a range of scales, including moisture-resistant ones. We can also provide you with calibrated scales. For ease of use we also supply weighing tables. Our Technical department repairs and maintains all equipment.

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Sprinkler and fog systems

We also offer a range of sprinkler and fog equipment essential for the application of pesticides and for disinfection. An administering device may be used in order to prevent the harmful and unwanted effects of excessive doses or insufficient doses. We also have trolleys upon which dispensers can be mounted. Our Technical Department repairs and maintains all equipment.

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Mushroom picking equipment

Various types of equipment are necessary for mushroom picking, such as stools, trolleys, platforms, forklifts, mushroom knives, fruit measure tools, etc. The Transportboy sack barrow can also be used for moving full and empty mushroom crates.

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For watering purposes, we offer a wide range of equipment, such as hoses, connectors, hose rings, taps, sprayers, sprinklers, cutters, water meters etc.

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