Folisec (L) liquid

Treatment for leaf insects in trees and all other woody crops.
Crop care in woody crops in agriculture, horticulture, gardens and parks, where pest insects and their larvae can occur. Examples are: Oak processionary caterpillar, Psyllid, Spider mite, Gall midge, Whitefly, Leaf miner, Thrips, Soft scale, Scale insect, Mealybug and ermine moths. Without the use of harmful control products.

Folisec consists of a highly concentrated compound of specifically working herbal concentrates based on water. Available in liquid, grain, or granular form.

Effect: Folisec is absorbed by the crop's roots and leaves, and by the soil. Thanks to the root stimulating and crop caring ingredients, roots, leaves and soil will develop improved resistance and their own immune system. In addition to the soil improving and plant strengthening effect, the product also indirectly affects pests and diseases. Leaf insects are stopped in their development or disappear completely. The treated crops and plots are no longer attractive to them. The crop will show healthy growth.

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1251081 20 lt can