Fruit Fly Attractant

Attractant for use in pheromone dispenser for capturing the fruit fly Drosophila Suzukii

Drosophila Suzukii, an originally Asian fruit fly, threatens fruit cultivation. The Drosophila Suzukii damages healthy crops by laying eggs in the fruits. Its larvae will then eat the fruit from the inside out. Strict hygiene regulations can help control this fruit fly. 

We deliver a pheromone dispenser (which spreads an attractant), and the complementary trap where the attracted insects are caught. By placing this species-specific pheromone trap, you can get information about the presence or absence of the Drosophilla suzukii fruit fly, and about its density at specific places. If needed, you can determine the necessary control measures and the time of application based on this information. In addition, this place- and time specific information can help determine the effect of a control measure. This trap also allows you to catch a large amount of male insects. 

This product is approved for use in Dutch organic agriculture

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1230091 5 litres can

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1230092 - Drososan val voor fruitvliegen rood