Natufly (new)

Lucilia sericata (Common green bottle fly)

Use: Lucilia sericata flies are used for difficult or extremely small pollination applications in seed crops. Therefore, they are a perfect addition to bumblebees and/or bees for many growers.

Difficult pollination often occurs in hybrid crossbreeds in which one or boh parental lines produce no or insufficient pollen or nectar, or when the parental lines are, for some reason, not attractive to ‘regular’ pollinators.
Natufly can also be used if only a few flowers need to be pollinated and the regular commercial pollinator colonies are simply too large.

Lucilia flies (Natufly) are used in, among others:

  • Cruciferae (cauliflower, cabbage, rapeseed)
  • Compositae (lettuce, endive, radicchio
  • Umbelliferae (carrot)
  • Liliaceae (onion, leek, asparagus)

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