DCM soil activator

DCM SOIL ACTIVATOR - fertiliser for new plants

Organic soil improver containing micro-oganisms for better soil fertility and a rich and diverse soil life which helps prevent soil exhaustion. This makes it suitable for exhausted soils in sunrooms. Vitalises intensively treaded on and compacted soils, ideal for planting vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens and laws. Applicable in organic gardens.

  • High in organic substances (65%)
  • Provides first nutrients (NPK 4-3-4)
  • Contains lava meal, naturally high in trace elements
  • In an easily spreadable granule
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Ensures the insertion of humus and nutrients
  • Improves the structure and water retention capabilities of the soil
  • Improves root development in planting or sowing lawns or turf
  • Provides an even and healthy initial growth
  • Stimulates the soil life, essential for good soil fertility


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1490834 25 kg granule bag