Firestone PondGard 1,0mm

Firestone PondGard is a waterproof film made of high quality synthetic EPDM rubber, which stands the test of time. Thanks to the excellent resistance to UV-radiation, high temperatures, oxidation and freezing temperatures, the Firestone Pondguard will keep its mechanical characteristics through the years, even when it is being exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Firestone PondGard is extremely suitable for many foundations. Designers can let their creativity rein free; The pond liner is flexible, no matter how complex the foundation. The best guarantee for an optimal aesthetic result.

Firestone PondGard is a robust pond liner, with a thickness of 1,0 mm, and it has mechanical characteristics that provide the perfect answers to the difficulties storing water can cause. Thanks to its elasticity (> 300 %) and flexibility (even at -45 °C), the film can adapt to the inevitable movements of the frame, and the unevenness in the ground (excellent punching resistance) during the entire product life span.

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2100035 61x12,2 metres roll