First Aid at Work training course

First Aid at WorkCompanies in the agricultural sector are obliged to have one or more trained first aiders in their employment. In the event of an accident or disaster, first aiders must offer first aid, warn emergency services and limit the consequences of accidents as much as possible.

Particularly in the case of on-call workers, seasonal workers, holiday workers, etc., it is important to determine what measures you should take in the event of a disaster or an accident.

Depending on the anticipated accidents, according to the Dutch Working Conditions Act, you should be prepared through training and education. Therefore, the training course ‘First Aid for Horticultural Companies’ covers, in addition to statutory tasks in the field of first aid, specific situations in the horticultural sector. For example, accidents with:

  • frequently used machinery, such as grading machines, forklift trucks, pipe rail trolleys, tractors;
  • pesticides, chemicals, glass, etc.

And situations such as:

  • working safely with electricity (welding), compressed air, hydraulics, etc.;
  • respiratory protection;
  • inflammable substances, extinguishing an initial fire, lightning strikes;
  • cold injuries and frostbite;
  • people who work on the land alone, etc.